Laptop screen that has been smashed. Red Acer laptop with the screen bezel removed showing a smashed screen with ink bleed

If your laptop screen has developed a fault and you require a laptop screen repair in Warrington or the surrounding areas then we can help you. Below we have diagnostic information that will help you diagnose the laptop screen repair that you require.

Once you have diagnosed what the fault is with your laptop screen then get in touch with us as we will be able to offer you a solution.

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Annabelle doll from the Annabelle movie franchise

Normally ransomware is written to garner as much currency (Crypto Usually) as possible however this one it seems has been written to show off it’s creators talents and because of that it is making a right mess of the laptops and computers it encrypts. The ransomware is named after the horror movie franchise of the same name.

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Windows vista is end of life

Windows Vista – End of Life

From 11th April 2017, Windows Vista becomes End-of-life meaning Microsoft will cease all support and security updates.

This does not mean that your computer will stop working however due to Microsoft no longer producing security updates your machine will become more and more vulnerable to Malware and Viruses meaning you are more likely to be caught out by a phishing attack, Ransomware or similar. It also means that new software and hardware may be incompatible with Windows Vista, Google and Adobe stopped supporting windows vista a long time ago


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